Argument Credibility critical thinking

Argument Credibility critical thinking - The author made an...

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Argument Credibility Critical Thinking 205 Argument Credibility University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 17, 2009 Wendy Leatherwood The claim being made is this video is that Israel is attempting to prevent and keep Gaza residents from entering and staying in Israel. The video was based on a student who had been deported by Israel military after they claimed she was had overstayed her student visa. The claim being made does not conflict with my personal opinion, I believe that the deportation was an attempt politically to get a Gaza resident out of Israel despite the fact she was there legally, and attending University. Until I had viewed this video I had no prior knowledge of the situation between Gaza and the Israel government, or the deportation of this particular student.
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Unformatted text preview: The author made an unbiased report on this situation. He had spoken with a spokesperson from the Israel government giving them an opportunity to express their opinion on the particular issue. His comments on the same situation did not offer personal opinion and he seemed not to sway either side of the issue. The author is the Jerusalem Bureau Chief for CNN, his interview skills would make me think he is a reliable source who provides unbiased and trustworthy reports. It appears the reporter Kevin Flower has been reporting on such issues for many years. His expertise seemed to be very professional, and he had some prior knowledge on the situation between Israel and Gaza. As an international reporter based in Jerusalem it appears he specializes in foreign affairs....
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Argument Credibility critical thinking - The author made an...

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