Cartoon Strip Coffee Break week one question one

Cartoon Strip Coffee Break week one question one - had...

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Cartoon Strip Coffee Break Critical Thinking 205 Coffee Break Cartoon University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 5, 2009 Wendy Leatherwood By Anita’s initial reaction she had suspended judgment on her position with the information she was learning. Although her comments showed disapproval at the same time she did not react instantly by stating it was the wrong thing to be doing, but neither did she condone the actions of her friend. Anita was very inquisitive to how this was being done, yet still unsure. Anita demonstrated a morale judgment when addressing this issue. Despite stating she was broke, she still didn’t feel right about the actions of her friend. Because the issue involved her friend it appeared a morale issue as to what Anita should do. The situation has legal issue’s involved due to fraudulent behavior of her friend, but at the same time threatening Anita’s friendship with Tanya. Anita made a decision based on her morale belief that the action of her friend was not right, he
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Unformatted text preview: had thought about it but could not consider doing the same action of giving herself a pay rise in the same manner Tanya was, despite being broke. Anita did also take action by calling the Human Resources hotline stating she had something to report, indicating she was going to advise them of the cliché. Issue - As a teenager being advised of a group of younger teens sniffing paint during school hours. Initially at the time I used suspended judgment due to not knowing the full effects of sniffing paint, believing as a teenager myself it was no worse than smoking marijuana. I used logic looking into the situation. I researched the effects of sniffing paint compared to using marijuana. Based on my findings from research and the damage it can do, I made a decision and reported the incident as it was regular to a friend who was a Police Officer who took further action....
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Cartoon Strip Coffee Break week one question one - had...

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