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Collaborative Writing com 130 - The document can become...

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Collaborative Writing Business Research and Writing for IT Professionals Collaborative Writing Process University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 12, 2009 James Reynold Collaborative Writing Process as a team can allow for tasks to be distributed around the team that will identify with their strengths as writers, making for a more constructive, knowledgeable document. With the ability to distribute work loads it can relieve stress and burdens from the individual writer. The principle of ‘two heads are better than one’ can provide a wider knowledge base. One writer can put together a proposed set of ideas, topic, which can be expanded on and complemented by other team members. Having many eyes can be an advantage for finale proofreading. Other team members may pick up on an error that another writer has missed. Collaborative Writing Process can increase the ability to identify and correct errors.
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If the writing team is being inadequately managed it can affect the finale project.
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Unformatted text preview: The document can become disjointed effecting the overall purpose, style, tone and design. If the document is not written in a logic sense it will confuse the audience they are trying to target. If team members are unwilling to come to a compromise this can be a disadvantage to the writing process and finale document. This can be a major obstacle if middle ground is not found and all team members are not co-operating. Working as a team can cause opposing opinions of how to best submit or represent the information. If there is a conflict in schedules of team members it can compromise the project as well as any deadlines or goals the team has set in order to complete this in a timely manner. Collaborative writing can be used for college assignments or in business for marketing purposes. It can also be used within the health system for presenting reports to the health board; this process could be used including department managers....
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Collaborative Writing com 130 - The document can become...

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