Legal Considerations day five week one

Legal Considerations day five week one - Included in the...

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Legal Considerations Legal Considerations Business Research and Writing for the IT Professional University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 6, 2009 James Reynolds Microsoft product instruction manual was used for the purpose of this question. It appears the instruction manual has been written with respect of Copyright Law. In the front of the manual the writer has included a statement which outlines Microsoft and other subsidiaries ownership to written material and the product purchased. It clearly states the purchaser retains one copy of the instruction manual with the product when purchased, allowing for one single copy of the Getting Started Manual to be reproduced by the purchaser. It is clearly stated that without expressed written permission Microsoft no reproduction or distribution of products or materials is allowed. It also states all Rights are reserved. The manual did not seem to breach any Liability Laws. It clearly stated instructions on how to assemble, install, and use the product.
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Unformatted text preview: Included in the manual was health warnings, and general precautions. A Declaration of Conformity was clearly stated providing appropriate information on regulations etc. The writer used simple diagrams and language through out the manual making it easier for the user to understand and follow. It also appears there has been no breach in Contract Law. The information appeared to be expressed warranties of what the product can do, there did not appear to be any implied warranties beyond those expressed. It does appear that there is a breach of the Trademark Law with an obvious absence of the trademark symbol following the Microsoft and Windows brand name through out the manual. I would suggest ensuring the trademark symbol is included in order for people to know that this is a trademarked company, and one that is registered with the US Trademark and Patent office. It also protects them legally to by being trademarked and registered as that company....
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Legal Considerations day five week one - Included in the...

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