Capstone checkpoint day six week nine

Capstone checkpoint day six week nine - fibers’ function...

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Capstone checkpoint Capstone Checkpoint Nutrition sci241 University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 26 2010 Kelley Gaske
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This class bought to my attention one of the major keys to health and wellbeing is a healthy diet and exercise. All the assignments played an important role in convincing me to start implement a balanced nutritional plan in order to maintain a healthy weight. Starting with the first assignment “Healthy Eating Plan” I learned that appropriate nutrition not only guides to a learned dedication, but also leads to a lifetime practice on the way to a healthy extensive life. After submitting the assignment I was aware that proper nutrition can be achieved only through consuming all necessary nutrients in different amounts and that some nutrients are more important than others. For example, protein broken down to amino acids serves as unifying enzymes, antibodies, vitamins, and hormones; carbohydrate including fiber is the energy supplier to the body which in turn spread it to the brain, central nervous system and red blood cells;
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Unformatted text preview: fibers’ function is to prevent diseases such as coronary heart disease and diabetes; fats also supply energy and increase the body absorbance of vitamins. Recommendations gathered from MyFoodPyramid has been a helpful guide in balancing my individual nutritional needs with physical activity and assisted in developing a plan that maintains a healthy weight and prevents disease occurring. The assignment Dehydration by expanding on the importance of water to our bodies and those insufficient levels of water make some organs not function properly. Now, more than ever I am convinced that proper nutrition is related to my health more than most other aspects of maintaining a healthy living. With the help of the food diary pyramid I realized that my health is in my hands and under my control, and that I need to practice monitoring the foods and fluid intakes in order to have a proper nutrition, thus, maintaining my optimum health....
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Capstone checkpoint day six week nine - fibers’ function...

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