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day 7 week 7 eating plan changes

day 7 week 7 eating plan changes - Eating Plan Eating Plan...

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Eating Plan Eating Plan Nutrition sci241 University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 11 2010 Kelley Gaske
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Using the USDA Food Pyramid as a guide to healthy eating, one can implement and follow a healthy eating plan. During your life it is important to evaluate the food intake for its nutritional value as well as adjusting and varying the recommended amount of servings. The changes in my nutritional habits helped me achieve a balanced diet adding some nutrient-rich foods to my daily choices. One more important step into attaining a healthy eating plan was keeping track of the calorie intake in order to reach a healthy weight, and at the same time consider the energy burning through physical activity. This paper describes adequate nutrition within calorie needs, food choices, nutritional components to encourage, and the way my present healthy eating plan is maintained. In general, these are the steps to a healthier me. This section identifies how the changes that have taken place in my eating habits over the past weeks. The changes made are lifestyle change. For the past several weeks I have switched to eating more whole grains, vegetables, fruits and milk. From grains, vegetables, and milk being underrepresented before by 60 %, 33 %, and 80 %, they changed to being overrepresented by 120 %, 90 %, and up to 255 % for vegetables. I have stuck to eating about five meals per day, including such fruits as grapefruits, apples and bananas for snack. From the results I got from MyPyramid Tracker, I noticed that my dietary outcome has gradually changed for my current eating habits comparing to the past assessment. I try to choose foods that are low in fat and
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day 7 week 7 eating plan changes - Eating Plan Eating Plan...

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