Exercise Plan day 5 week 6

Exercise Plan day 5 week 6 - calories I expended from...

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Exercise Plan Three Day Exercise Plan Nutrition sci241 University of Phoenix Mark Watson November 5 2010 Kelly Gaske
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On analyzing My Pyramid Tracker Web site the result of physical activities performed in a 3- day period showed that the average calories expended were 452 from total burned 1355 calories. My physical activity level is sitting at a moderate level. To ensure that I get improved health benefits I would need to increase the quantity or time of each physical activity performed, or include more energetic activities in my daily routine. The best option that allows me to burn more calories and build muscular strength is to start going to a gym at least 2 days per week. Additionally I can include daily aerobic activities for 20 minutes a day, or some form of cardiovascular exercise, and to spend the same amount of time on muscular exercises. Since the
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Unformatted text preview: calories I expended from physical activity for the day are typical of an active person, I wouldnt add any strenuous exercises. Although, to allow for other health benefits of physical activity over time, I would need to participate in some pleasure sports, such as bicycling, swimming and or some kind of team activity or similar sport that you could play outdoors. Although these types of activities are weather based sports or activities and would depend on the season of the year to how much participation could take place. When the weather is unfavorable for an outdoor activity I would pursue other activitys that could be taken during the cooler seasons indoors, such as basketball or other type of indoor activity or join the YMCA where they offer year round activities, and sporting sessions....
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Exercise Plan day 5 week 6 - calories I expended from...

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