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Healthy Eating Plan - week one day 7

Healthy Eating Plan - week one day 7 - Healthy Eating Plan...

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Healthy Eating Plan Healthy Eating Plan Nutrition Sci241 University of Phoenix Mark Watson October 3, 2010 Kelley Gaske
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My eating habits are not the best, I work for myself and work is sporadic , no job is the same and varies from location so I tend to grab and run, some days I do not eat to I sit down at night This behavior and pattern of eating has many affects on the human body. Over the past year, I have gained 20 pounds due to my job along with no exercise, or proper eating habits. After analyzing my food diary, my current eating habits are less than desirable. The result of quick meals and empty calories is consumed to save time. This includes foods like hot pockets, pizza, burgers, and fries. When possible I attempt to limit my fast food intake, but it is to easy to get caught up in the convenience of fast food in order to full my stomach. Working for myself performing sporadic jobs, at varies locations has a stronger affect on my eating habits. Many times I will not eat while working to save having to sit down and take five minutes out of a job so I can get it done faster and move on to the next one. As a result, when I get home from work I tend to over eat and fill myself up on empty carbs. When I do this its prevents me from wanting to eat my evening meal which is usually the food groups I need and should be having. Because the job is so demanding I am so tired when I get home I don’t have time or the energy to exercise or consider the issue of getting healthy exercise. After observing my pyramid plan to stay at the current weight I am at, which is above the healthy range for my age and height. I need to have a calorie intake of around 3000 to keep it steady. My weight is above what it is recommended and required to be at a healthy weight, I need to find a plan that can gradually lower my weight, and will assist in maintaining a healthier weight. To start my healthy eating plan I will need to begin with eating more grains, whole grains to
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Healthy Eating Plan - week one day 7 - Healthy Eating Plan...

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