Owens Storey day 7 week one

Owens Storey day 7 week one - Owens Storey Owenss Storey...

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Owen’s Storey Owens’s Storey Journal Entry Cultural Diversity Ethics 125 University of Phoenix Mark Watson March 28, 2010 Timothy Albert
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Born to a Coal Minor on August 21, 1830 in Belfast, my family and I suffered many set backs and tribulations. In 1841, my father came home from working in the Coal Mines to tell my mother we were moving to America. We had no choice, the company that owned the Coal Mine was letting everyone go. My two brothers and I were to stay with our aunt and uncle until the day Father could send for us. My mother and he were to sail out the next week for America. Three weeks later my brothers and I received word from our parents, we were to board the ship the in three weeks to meet our parents in America. As the weeks went by, more and more families lost their homes and life styles as Coal Mine companies laid off more and more workers. Finally the day came when my two brothers and I boarded the ship setting sail to America. We went to the port to find the ticket man, he was the one who was supposed to have our boarding passes, and he went off to purchase our tickets, so we could be on our way. The seas where rough, and the ship rocked steadily with every wave. My fearful brothers huddled closely together next to me in the belly of the mammoth ship with the sounds of the mighty steam engine moving us along. The journey seemed to last forever as we were told by the ticket man that we were not to leave the area. It almost seemed as if we were being smuggled into the country where we would be free. Sailing with us was an elderly woman. She had a kind motherly face and smelled of apple pie, she was
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Owens Storey day 7 week one - Owens Storey Owenss Storey...

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