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Race and Ethnicity checkpoint one week one

Race and Ethnicity checkpoint one week one - Food can also...

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Race and Ethnicity Defining Race and Ethnicity Eth125 Cultural Diversity University of Phoenix Mark Watson March 23, 2010 Timothy Albert
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The term race means to me the physical characteristics a person may have through genetics or biological traits that they share with a group of people of similar descent. Characteristics that may be similar can be skin color, language, eye shape as in Asian people, a person’s build and facial features may also determine a particular race they belong to or have genetic connections to. Race should not be confused with Ethnicity that is primarily a person nationality, culture, or beliefs. For example my wife is a New Zealander; her physical appearance if you didn’t know would represent a white American, however her ethnicity is that of a New Zealander because of her cultural practices, beliefs, and nationality. Ethnicity is a person’s or group’s cultural factor’s, including nationality, cultural practices and beliefs.
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Unformatted text preview: Food can also represent ethnicity, different groups or people for cultural or nationality reasons eat different foods to what we are a costumed to in America. It is the practices and beliefs that separate groups or people aside from other races, not so much the physical characteristics. The concepts of race and ethnicity are important to the United States because we live in a multicultural society, not just through immigration but also through the different cultural groups that exist in our society. Recognizing our society as being multicultural helps us learn to be tolerant and accepting of others difference. America was not founded in its time by what is now known as American people, it originally was founded by migrants from other countries. It is important for Americans to recognize race and ethnicity as separate concepts in order to honor our own beginnings, remembering our country’s heritage and how America was founded....
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Race and Ethnicity checkpoint one week one - Food can also...

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