Finale Project Sothern Baptist rough draft week 8

Finale Project Sothern Baptist rough draft week 8 - Finale...

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Finale Project Sothern Baptist Southern Baptist Religion Religion of the World Uniiversity of Phoenx Mark S Watson October 23, 2009 Kelly Anderson Southern Baptist religions is one set aside from other religion, including the tradional Baptist Church. People are expected to attend three church servces a week, two on Sundays and one Wednesday evening. Included in the expectations of attending regular service each family is expected to conducted a weekly visitation withing the community to encourage and invite people to the church. I visited the Pikes Peak Independent Southern Baptist church, in Colorado Springs, after the regular Sunday morning service I was very fortunate to be given the time of one of the eldest members of the church. Southern Baptist put there faith and belief into only one version of the bible, King James, this is the correct and only version of the bible they believe in. There convictions are very strong, as are the practices and beliefs. The man is viewed as the head of the house, when there are any concerns or business relating to the church the man is always
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spoken to first with the expectation he will then address the issues or pass the message on to the female. Females are not to wear what is classed as mens apparel, and are only allowed to wear skirts and dresses. The belef also holds value in the way a person presents themselves to Jesus christ at all times. They also go by the word of the Paster, what he says is corect or what he may
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Finale Project Sothern Baptist rough draft week 8 - Finale...

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