hum_130_appendix_d[1] due friday 11th sept

hum_130_appendix_d[1] due friday 11th sept - Axia College...

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Axia College Material Appendix D Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template Question Response Web site 1 URL: Zealand Name of Indigenous culture/religion presented in Web site Maori – New Zealand Indigenous People Consider the examples of roles and observances held sacred by these people. Is this practice being kept alive? Yes despite early civilization and introduction of western culture and changes imposed upon the Maori people the practices themselves have been kept alive in most degrees. The most significant impact from civilization was the loss of language and certain land rights over different time periods. Has the culture/religion evolved over time? Yes the culture has evolved over time, it has gained the right to be recognized as the indigenous culture, the culture is incorporated into certain events, celebrations, and ceremonial events. The introduction of total emersion schools where only the native language of the indigenous people has been a huge part of the evolution, giving back some of the lost identity to the people. Certain land rights have been granted back to the people and recognition of New Zealand as a bicultural country has proven to be a big success for the culture and its people. HUM 130
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If the culture/religion still lives, how has Western culture changed it? The culture is a big part of what New Zealand is today, Western culture has enabled in some sense the indigenous people to come out of poverty and become successful by granting certain educational benefits and introducing a health care system that incorporates the indigenous people and their beliefs. Maori pride has been installed and recognized no longer do people identify with skin color. Symbols have become icons for the country, and days that early evolution occurred between Maori and Europeans are now recognized days of celebration. Religion has been incorporated into the Maori culture and a following has developed by the indigenous people but it has been modified by the indigenous people to incorporate their own spiritual practices within the religion, and is now one of
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hum_130_appendix_d[1] due friday 11th sept - Axia College...

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