hum_130_appendix_h[1] week seven elements matrix

hum_130_appendix_h[1] week seven elements matrix - Axia...

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Axia College Material Appendix H Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix Judaism Christianity Islam Countries of origin Middle East Israel Palestine Saudi Arabia Middle East Historical figures and events Philo Alexandra – Jewish Philosopher Exodus – liberation of the Jews from slavery Abraham – considered the founder of the Jewish Religion Judea – first Jewish community to become independent under Roman rule. 1 – Sunday –devoted to rest and worship, known as Lords Day 2 – St Patrick’s Day-Catholic feast day that honors St Patrick “Patron Saint of Ireland” 3 – Thanksgiving-Celebration of shared meal between Christian pilgrims and native Americans4 – Lent-40 day period of fasting and Muhammad – finale prophet Elijah Muhammad – founder Nations of Islam in America 1934 Malcolm X – Muslin Mosque 1964, was also an active speaker and teacher in America on Islam 1947 Pakistan founded as a Islamic Nation HUM 130
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people were murdered and kept in Nazi camps for being different as part of Hitler’s ruling and attempted to get rid of the inferior. This event reminds Jewish people that noble behavior of non Jews also existed as many non Jews attempted to help them during the Holocaust. repentance in preparation for Easter 4 – 12 th Night-Marks end of Christmas season 5 – Boxing Day-traditionally the day servants and poor was given gifts 6 – Ash Wednesday-first day of Lent, placing of ashes on forehead 7 – Advent-marks the beginning of the church year and the coming of Christmas 8 – Easter-celebration of the resurrection of Christ, oldest Christian holiday and the most important 9 – Christmas-celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ Late 1990’s Taliban came to came to power in Afghanistan 1400 Islam reaches the Philippines
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hum_130_appendix_h[1] week seven elements matrix - Axia...

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