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Jesus and Mohammad - Jesus and Mohammad Lives of Jesus and Mohammad Religions of the World University of Phoenix Mark S Watson Kelly Anderson The

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Jesus and Mohammad Lives of Jesus and Mohammad Religions of the World University of Phoenix Mark S Watson October 17, 2009 Kelly Anderson The life of Jesus can be followed through the New Testament. Yet as scholars, historians, and researchers try to make one single chronological of Jesus life it proves to be hard. There appears to be four gospels that are written to describe the life of Jesus, yet there appears to be differences in the material relating to content and time. With some gospels contradicting others, example Gospel of John at times contradicts the other three gospels of Mathew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus birthday Is celebrated each year on December, 25 th , however this is believed to not be an accurate recording of the day he was born, it is believed that when Christian monks began figuring time in relation to Jesus life they may have miscalculated. Historians believe that Jesus was actually born sometime between 4 B.C and 7 B.C. His mother is the Virgin Mary who is believed to have conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit under miraculous circumstances. Roman ruling was in effect during this time, this meant that Mary and her family had to travel to Bethlehem, their ancestral city to seek census. It is believed that on arrival there was no room at the Inn, and Mary took refuge in a stable. Jesus was said to born at the stable amongst the animals. His name Jesus is interpreted as meaning ‘God Saves’. However scripture has also led scholars to believe that it was not Bethlehem that Jesus was born in, but a town closer to Nazareth called Galilee. Variations in readings again describe what happen that night and the visitors that came. The most heard one is the poor Sheppard’s that came bearing gifts to which angels had appeared with glad tidings. The other variation describes Sages who bought the Christ child symbolic gifts confirming divine kingship. Little is known about Jesus and his childhood or youth. One documented article talks of the time Jesus and his family headed to Jerusalem as they did each year for Passover. This particular
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year Jesus had mistakenly been left behind, on the parent’s return they discovered him to be in a temple talking with a rabbi, discussing the Torah. When ask what he was doing, they say his reply was “Did you not know I must be standing in my father’s house”. It is described that this is where Jesus found his sense of mission. Everyone that heard him speak that day was amazed at his knowledge of Jewish traditions along with his close connection between Jesus and God. After this piece of scripture written by gospel of Luke nothing else is recorded or noted in regards to Jesus youth. At age thirty Jesus heard the preaching’s of John the Baptist along the River Jordan. John the Baptist is described as a prophet preacher who was later put in jail and killed under the ruler of Galilee which at the time was under Roman Empire. Jesus joined the crowds gathered around John. He too wanted to be baptized, but since he had no sins to be repented and forgiven for his
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Jesus and Mohammad - Jesus and Mohammad Lives of Jesus and Mohammad Religions of the World University of Phoenix Mark S Watson Kelly Anderson The

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