Religions of the World assignment Hindu workpaper sunday 20th sept

Religions of the World assignment Hindu workpaper sunday 20th sept

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Religions of the World Hinduism Religions of the World University of Phoenix Mark S Watson 20th September 2009 K Anderson 1
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Hinduism Paper What makes the Hindu Religion? Within the Hindu Religion there appears to be no scripture or single prophet that is followed. Hindu has been noted as to not being a religion but more of a spiritual following that has been passed down through generations that compromises of practices, rituals and beliefs that all prepare a Hindu follower towards Mokisha, the ultimate goal of liberation. The fundamental concept is the belief in Ultimate reality, known as Braham, meaning Ultimate Soul, and its identification with Aatman, meaning Individual Soul. Hinduism has developed several different practices that allow a person to relate to more than one divinity. They do not recognize one God as the Christians do, instead their practices or worships are seeking the awareness of God while seeking blessings from other Gods. Hindus believe in the Supreme Being that is believed to be the universal energy that is in everything and everywhere. It is believed the Gods worshipped are of different aspects and guides of the Supreme Being. The Supreme has no gender, is formless, and shapeless, it is spiritual and is in everything. Worship is directed at infinite reality with the limited human mind, Ultimate God is referred to as Brahman, or the Absolute Reality. The symbol that represents the Absolute Reality is the sacred sign of Aum. Brahman is what represents God in three aspects Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Hindu’s believe in reincarnation, until a person has reached a certain spiritual point,
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Religions of the World assignment Hindu workpaper sunday 20th sept

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