Vocabulary Quiz Answer Key

Vocabulary Quiz Answer Key - VOCABULARY QUIZ ANSWER KEY 1....

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V OCABULARY Q UIZ A NSWER K EY 1. Immanent Present in creation 2. Religion An organized system of faith and worship of a being, or multiple beings 3. Theistic Believing in God or gods 4. Monotheistic Believing in a single God 5. Profane Worldly, secular, as opposed to sacred 6. Polytheistic Believing in many deities 7. Monistic Believing in the concept of life as a unified whole, without a separate "spiritual" realm 8. Dogma A system of beliefs declared to be true by religion 9. Nontheistic Perceiving spiritual reality without a personal deity or deities 10. Transcendent Existing outside the material universe 11. Incarnations Physical embodiment of the divine 12. Kensho Sudden enlightenment, in Zen Buddhism 13. Atheism Belief that there is no deity
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14. Agnosticism The belief that if there is anything beyond this life, it is impossible for humans to know it 15. Rituals A repeated, patterned religious act 16. Symbols Visible representation of an invisible reality or concept 17. Myths A symbolic story expressing ideas about reality or spiritual history
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Vocabulary Quiz Answer Key - VOCABULARY QUIZ ANSWER KEY 1....

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