Capstone Quiz week 9 - a Head Start b Peace Corps c Voting...

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Capstone Capstone Scavenger Hunt History HIS135 University of Phoenix Mark Watson July 6, 2011 Laura King
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1. _C__ Why did Americans willingly accept the increased role of the  government that formed during World War II? a. To provide equally for all American citizens, regardless of race, age,  gender, or creed b. To help European countries recover from WWII c. An attempt to deter war in times of peace d. An attempt to create a governmental model based off of the Soviet  Union 2. _D__ To what does the Cold War refer? a. A world wide military struggle caused by the political ideologies of the  Soviet Union b. An American attempt to prolong war after WWII officially ended c. A military struggle between mortal enemies, the Soviet Union and the  United States d. An ideological struggle between communist forces and democratic  forces 3. _B__Which of the following did Kennedy’s New Frontier establish?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Head Start b. Peace Corps c. Voting Rights Act d. Job Corps 4. _D__ How did Nixon define the American withdrawal from Vietnam? a. “Peace without honor.” b. “Peace at all cost.” c. “Victory at all cost.” d. “Peace with honor.” 5. _A__ The Nixon Doctrine suggested that: a. Nations who engaged in containment supported United States goals b. Enemies would face nuclear destruction c. The United States would tolerate the growth of communism d. The United States and its allies would go to war with the Soviet Union 6. _A__Which of the following most accurately describes the Nixon-Kissinger team? a. Both wanted to lower the involvement of US troops overseas b. Inexperienced c. Kissinger overpowered Nixon d. Nixon dominated Kissinger...
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Capstone Quiz week 9 - a Head Start b Peace Corps c Voting...

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