creating a document week six

creating a document week six - Business Communication 140...

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Business Communication 140 Creating a Document Business Communication 140 University of Phoenix Mark S Watson August 6, 2009 B Ovando Jnr
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Two Tips for Creating an Academic Document Stress Management I think one of the most important factors when creating an Academic Document that isn’t mentioned in the resource information is Stress Management. Being organized in thoughts and clear on what it is the writer is writing about will help alleviate some of the anxiety in writing. Understanding the content of the document and having knowledge on the topic will assist in the writing process. Knowing the audience will help create an effective tone appropriate for that particular audience the document is being written for. Having a quiet environment to write in and being able to have no distractions or interruptions to the train of thought will help eliminate stress from the writer. Effective Time Management skills by the writer will help the writer collectively prepare for the document to be written. Allowing plenty of time to complete research and analyze it will also give the writer the tools to write an effective document. It will also give the writer time to prepare and put more time into the document rather than pushing for time to get it in on deadlines. Leaving time to complete the document will also allow time to make any corrections that may be needed and final touches to the document. All of the above can help with stress management when writing Academic documents.
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creating a document week six - Business Communication 140...

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