different kinds of messages checkpoint four

different kinds of messages checkpoint four - Writing...

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Writing Different Kind of Messages Business Communication 140 Different kinds of Messages Final Project University of Phoenix Mark S Watson July 24, 2009 B. Ovando Jr
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What kinds of unwanted reactions might you encounter when you are trying to convince the business committee to accept your proposal for new service? I think one of the unwanted reactions to the business proposal to introduce Starbucks Café as a new service into the building might be the cost of marketing for the business at its new location. There might be questions to who is going to be meeting the cost of the marketing campaign in order to bring in business. Are the other lease holders in the building going to have to contribute to the marketing and advertising of Starbucks Cafe? But also if the other lease holders including Digifast contribute to costs of marketing, how much recognition in the advertising we will as a company benefit from? There may be other concerns about the fact that Starbucks is already a well established company, is there established name going to have an effect on the other business around the building and in the vicinity of the building. Cam you guarantee that the other businesses including Digifast will benefit from the introduction of Starbucks? Do you have any financial projections to the raise or fall in business for the surrounding businesses? What sort of elements is Starbucks going to be bringing to the area? What sort of clientele are they going to be bringing in? While these questions might be unwanted reactions with a good business plan and a well informed presentation most should be answerable. While you can have a financial projection for the new service you can not guarantee how much if any the other business would financially gain. As the person making the presentation it’s important to have all the facts and be able to back these up with resources. As with the marketing questions, as
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different kinds of messages checkpoint four - Writing...

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