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effective presentation - Effective Presentation Business...

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Effective Presentation Business Communication 140 University of Phoenix Effective Presentation Mark S Watson August 14, 2009 B Ovando Jr
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Effective Presentation For my finale presentation I will use the Title and Content slide layout. With this layout I will be able to Title each section as I move through and use the content section for pointing out the main key points for the presentation and proposal. This will assist my audience in following through as I move through the presentation but will allow me to break it down into the main areas of discussion. Each slide with contain a title and at least but no more than seven informative phrases related to my presentation. I will use graphics and pictures that will be simple but make one statement or idea. The typeface of the presentation will be a plain color, with Times Roman font. The simple color will not distract the audience and will allow for the font of the text to be seen clearly and legibly. The font size will be twenty four so that it is big enough to be
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effective presentation - Effective Presentation Business...

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