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Online Resources Business Communication 140 Business Communication Mark Watson University of Phoenix July 12 th 2009 B Ovando
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CWE, Other resources After looking at the other resources offered by the CWE, I found they offered several tools that can be used in writing and its effectiveness. Some of the resources provided Spelling check, English, Grammar checks and corrections, Misused words, offered definitions for words that are commonly misused. Resources offered general writing tips to assist the writer in being more effective and precise. Tips on all aspects of writing. Two Resources most useful to my writing Common Errors in English – This one would be most useful to me for the reason I have been out of school for a long time and had not realized how bad my English skills and knowledge lacked. This particular tool will help me to identify correct words and proper use for the word through the definition. Being able to use the correct word from the beginning will help avoid misunderstandings plus the thought of the writer being ignorant by the reader. Business Writing - This one is also most useful to me, as it will enable me as the writer to
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online resources - Online Resources Business Communication...

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