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Cold War Ideology week one day 7

Cold War Ideology week one day 7 - Cold War Ideology Cold...

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Cold War Ideology Cold War Ideology and Policy HIS135 American History University of Phoenix Mark Watson May 27, 2011 Laura King
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Tensions did not end when World War Two ended. As America and the Soviet Union rose from the war as the two superpowers, so did the hostility and tension as two countries with two different belief’s who once had a wartime alliance now compete to gain alliances in the new world where peace was dominant. Although no physical conflicts or battles took place danger was still around from fear produced by both countries. America founded in the early century on the idea of freedom from England. American citizens valued and held belief in the right of freedom, from fear, from want, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of belief. Americans had individual rights and providing opportunity based on Capitalist principles. An economy that was formed on profit and free competition, along with private ownership. This was not the practice or the ideology of the Soviet Union and Communism, society was very different and so was the belief’s.
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