disaster recovery plan week eight day seven

disaster recovery plan week eight day seven - A: Backup and...

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A: Backup and Disaster Recovery Introduction In our already complex world of technological advancement protecting vital information is a necessity and should come first, when building any type of a network. To secure our network, from potential outside and inside threats, two important factor must be always considered; system backup and disaster recovery, and network security. These components are important in preventing potential profit and information losses, as the network itself. Securing a network is never-ending process. One should always stay on top of the latest threats and protect company against it. Careful planning of backup and disaster recovery against all odds of losing all the information or keeping it all; rapidly restoring company reputation and keeping our customers happy or inadvertently loosing it all and never recovering. Backup Our three locations have the separate servers that communicate with each other and offsite backup vendor 4Services ink, on daily basis. This setup put us into a comfortable position of almost possessing a warm site backup system. Theoretically, it is highly unlikely that all three sites will fall victim of a disaster but if it happens, an off site backup company contracted to backup our files and server, on nightly basis. To eliminate heavy weekly traffic and differential backups from Monday to Friday a Saturday night full backup will be conducted. A possible network outage has to be considered in these types of situations. A full seven day, tape backup can be used as a work around for this event. The 4Service Ink company providing us with a linear tape (DLT) for local backup. They also will pick up the tapes on weekly bases
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disaster recovery plan week eight day seven - A: Backup and...

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