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LAN Operating System Scenarios week one

LAN Operating System Scenarios week one - amount of...

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LAN Operating Systems LAN Operating Systems Scenario IT240 Introduction to LAN Technologies University of Phoenix Mark Watson March 26, 2010 James Miller
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Question # 1 Well if I had to link 10 computers and have the resources to add 5 more it seems like a small office system. You could use windows XP as the server then create folders and files that could be accessed bye all computers on the network. You would then have to create different user accounts and assign the different accounts to the appropriate users. You would then need a hub to link all the computers together along with Ethernet cables to connect each pc to the hub. After this all computers will be networked together all that would be left is to assign an IP address to all computers and the server. Question # 2 Well it seems like a peer to peer network does not have a server so a LAN (local Area Network) would be fine for this application. You could use a router to achieve this depending on the
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Unformatted text preview: amount of computers on the network you have. If you have more computers then the router has ports you will need a hub to accommodate the total amount of computers on your network. Being it is a company I would install a firewall to help protect the company’s information at this point. Question # 3 Well this question was a little harder for me but if I understand it right it would be a server based network. You would be using something like Windows NT for the server NOS. The system would be good because it is the best network for sharing Data and resources it will also provide centralized network security for the data and resources. I then would install remote node servers directly linked to the network cabling to provide a bridge between the networks a modem and phone lines also giving me the capability of adding a fax and printers....
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LAN Operating System Scenarios week one - amount of...

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