Chapter 13 Problems

Chapter 13 Problems - Name Hellums Jessica Problems and...

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Name: Hellums, Jessica UTEID: JSH575 Problems and Questions for Chapter 13 Material C16: The rare, or modified bases are found on the TψC loop and the D loop. In tertiary structure the two loops are folded onto each other and interaction between the bases help to form the shame, therefore modified bases affect tRNA by changing its shape. The rare base inosine can be found at the anticodon and functions during wobble base pairing. Inosine can base pair with anything except for G and so this makes tRNA more efficient overall because fewer tRNA are required to code for all the amino acids. This shape change helps contribute to increased accuracy and speed of translation. The modified bases also help the ability of the tRNA to be recognized by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. This is important because the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases charge the tRNA, or attach the correct amino acids to the tRNA by way of a covalent bond. C23: In initiation the mRNA, initiator tRNA and ribosomal subunits assemble to form a complex. In elongation the ribosome slides along the mRNA in the 5’-3’ direction moving over the codons and as the ribosome moves the tRNA sequentially bind to the mRNA at the A site in the ribosome bringing with them the appropriate amino acids. Termination occurs when the stop codon is reached signaling and the complex disassembles and the newly made polypeptide is released. C24:
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Chapter 13 Problems - Name Hellums Jessica Problems and...

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