Case Study 1 - Vosers Challenge Case Study 1 Karen White...

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Voser’s Challenge Case Study 1 January 15, 2012 Karen White Liberty University BUSI 642 1. First, should he or others attempt to respond to negative reactions to the composition of the new EC? What should they say? To whom? When? How? The modifications to the Executive Committee along with the cutbacks in management staff have provided the people ammo to pass judgment on Peter Voser’s dedication to preserving Shell’s diversity and inclusion reputation. The diversity and inclusion policy and objectives were created to help build a persona of Shell as moral, amenable and authentic. If Voser does not reply to the censure about his choice could led to reparations to Shell’s appearance. A senior executive stated; “we knew that we would take a reputational hit in moving two females off our top team, but the pain is worth the gain of Peter Voser getting the team he needs to move Shell where he wants” (Sucher & Corsi, 2011). As a result of furnishing a reply, Voser would give his deeds integrity and let his clients acquire vision into the long-standing goals related to his choices. A openly accessible statement specifying Peter Voser’s image for Shell and how the
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choices he has made, and intends to make in the time to come, will propel the business in the direction of his long-standing goals which will improve openness and generate a profounder understanding. 2. What goals, if any, should they set for the effect of the restructuring on the composition of Shell’s managerial workforce? “Royal Dutch Shell PLC is planned a major organizational restructuring, a move that will affect 200 of its most senior officials initially. The restructuring is designed to streamline Shell's structure, enhance project implementation and reduce expenditures” (“Shell plans major”, 2009). Shell has to make sure that diversity and inclusion strategy is reflected within its restructuring
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Case Study 1 - Vosers Challenge Case Study 1 Karen White...

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