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Defining A Project Discussion Board 3 September 28, 2011 Karen White Liberty University BUSI 650 1. Key Concept – Explanation: The Chartered Management Institute define a project as “an activity that has a beginning and an end which is carried out to achieve a particular purpose to a set quality within given time constraints and cost limits” ("Definition of a," 2011) Clear-cut and precise meaning of a project is one of the utmost vital acts you can take to make certain the project's triumph. The stronger the objective the more probable you are to hit it. Describing a project is a method of assortment and diminution of the concepts and viewpoints of those on the team into a set of undoubtedly clear ideas, main success standards and assessed risks. I have only been in the project management field for the last two years. I am very excited about getting formal training in this field. I can’t think of a better place to start than with the word project. 2. Comparison: Meredith and Shafer states that each project is unique and has a clear beginning and end. In addition projects are processes that are performed infrequently and ad hoc, with a clear specification of the desired objective, there is a limited budget to attain the unique desired objective, and the project objective is very important to the organization(2010). In the book Wiki : Web collaboration by Ebersbach, Glaser, Heigl & Warta,the authors defines a project using three characteristics: It is a one-time event with a predefined result, there is a predefined
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Defining A Project - Defining A Project Discussion Board 3...

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