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1My two letter type was SJ, which identified me as a Guardian. A guardian can be a supervisor, protector, inspector, or provider. The article also stated that guardians had talent in managing goods and services. This statement is true for me because I currently now and has in the pass managed goods and services. In the military I worked in a warehouse managing property for the Army, and now I’m doing the same for the FBI. The article also states that guardians are serious about their duties and responsibilities, and they are also dependable and trustworthy. This is also
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Unformatted text preview: true of me when it comes to doing a job I like to see it through to the end to make sure that it is done right. My old supervisor had my co workers and me take a personality test similar to this one and my result was the same. This tool could be very helpful to some who is confused about what they could or should do in life. It is also an eye opener, because I guess it was my destiny to become a logistician in the Army, you could say that the path that I chose in life shaped and molded me into this person I am today, and I see that now because of this personality test....
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