Group Discussion Board 2-Film Prioritization FINAL SUBMISSION

Group Discussion Board 2-Film Prioritization FINAL SUBMISSION

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Film Prioritization Group Discussion Board 2- Part 2 November 20, 2011 Hector Nunez, Karen White Liberty University BUSI 680 Note: The proposals, the respective headings, and evaluation criteria are from Larson and Gray (2011, pp. 57 - 60). Objective As priority team members, we were recently tasked with formally evaluating and ranking a series of film proposals presented as part of a case by Larson and Gray (2011). To aid us in our task, Larson and Gray (2011) provided us with a ‘Project Priority Evaluation Form’ to use. The form facilitated verification of “Must” objectives while allowing us score “Want” objectives. Each of the scores were then summed and used to rank each of the films proposed. The completed form is available for reference in Appendix A. Weights Each “Want” objective was pre-assigned a weight value which reflected the relative importance of that objective (Larson & Gray, 2011). For instance, based on those weights, we could see that generating profits greater than 18% was seen as seven times as important as generating additional merchandise. However, it should also be noted that some of the “Want” objectives were inherently linked which at times caused their respective scores to vary congruently. This effect was particularly notable with those “Want” objectives dealing with animation (2nd and 6th “Want” objectives) since those proposed films which were not animated were automatically scored a ‘0’ for these objectives. With this respect, it’s arguable that an 8th implied “Want” objective existed in that substantial preference was given to those film proposals which contained animation.
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Project Proposal 1: My Life with Dalai Lama All of the corporate must have objectives can be met by this project. It is unlikely to violate any legal, safety, or environmental guidelines. Aimed at a youth audience, it is probable that it would receive a PG or lower advisory rating. Finally, since it is not controversial, it should not interfere with current or planned operations. The probability of an animated children’s movie winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards is very low. However, it would introduce new animated characters that could possibly star in a cartoon series. There is also a possibility of generating merchandise from such a production. The proposal is unlikely to raise public awareness of environmental concerns. There is a 50% chance that the film would generate a return on investment (ROI) of 18%. Since it is an animated movie, there is a chance of advancing the state of the art in film animation. Finally, given the nature of the storyline, it is not probable that a new
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Group Discussion Board 2-Film Prioritization FINAL SUBMISSION

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