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Integration of Faith and Learning Karen White December 10, 2011 Liberty University We grasped from our own stressful encounters that it comes to be progressively more challenging to concentrate on divine affairs at the same time as straining monetarily. The less equipped we are for unforeseen occurrences, the more we will strain when the occurrences ensue us. The weight of monetary anxiety engrosses our concentration and vitality, therefore constraining our character and capability to do divine onuses. We come to be so engrossed on resolving our own difficulties that we do not have any time to assist others. In Matthew 25:14-29 devoted sacraments funneled enhanced tasks in the realm of heaven, and everlasting happiness in the presence of God. Disloyal sacrament funneled censure, the elimination of the individual’s stewardship, and a perpetuity of “weeping and gnashing of teeth in outer darkness,
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Unformatted text preview: away from the presence of our Lord” (Matthew 25:30). Power over greenbacks has not as much of to do with how much we make, and more to do with how we govern what we have. Monetary strength is vital not merely to our account total but to the ambiance in our household. A lot of marriages have grown away from each other because of monetary matters. In Luke 16:1-2 the steward had made numerous corrupt transactions for his boss. Merchandises had been bought, however disbursement was so significantly late. The steward’s boss has demanded a settlement of his financial records from the steward before the steward's discharge for his management of the master’s financial records. Monetary and emotional safety is indissolubly related. Following a secular perspective, monetary safety is often the same as wealth and attainment....
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