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Annotated Bibliography 1 The Importance of Project Management November 19, 2011 Karen White Liberty University BUSI 680 Andrews, E.(2010). Why project management matters. Global Focus, 4(2), 48-51. doi: 2328853021. In this article the author states that project management has over the last few decades emerged as a much more important business competency. Truthfully it is a field that businesses cannot do without. The author suggest that if implemented correctly project management becomes one of the key factors in corporate sustainability for success. Project management embraces not only the management and execution of individual projects but also programs of projects and portfolios of strategic initiatives. It is project, program and portfolio (PPP) management. In conclusion besides the skills deficiencies there is an actual supply-demand gap in project management. This gap is the result of a number of issues all colliding at the same time. Badea, A., & Badea, G.(2009). THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN GIS. Scientific Bulletin Series D : Mining, Mineral Processing, Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, Geology and Environmental Engineering, 23, 151-155. doi: 2264212831. In this article the authors states that the project management is a relatively recent domain, and its importance was increasing because of the major European and international actions, which are made in the context of some projects. This article highlights that any GIS project implies an adequate project management. Is important to know the good practices applied in such projects. There are presented the principal features and phases for the developing of an appropriate project management, starting with the planning operation of the project structure, and finishing with the management of the risks. The main conclusion is the necessity of a good education in the project management, organizing a lot of trainings, to form GIS specialists with managerial skills.
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(2009). China's economic stimulus plan highlights the importance of project management. PM Network: PMI today, 11(12), doi: 1825210001 In this article the anonymous author discusses the vital role of project management in China's economic stimulus plan was a key topic of discussion at a 26 May government forum in Beijing. According to the author the PMI forum, highlighted the importance of project management in the successful implementation of projects associated with the plan, an unprecedented CNY 4 trillion initiative that was announced in November 2008. The author states that as the largest project management professional organization in the world, PMI enjoys close collaborations with many national governments in China, the United States and
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Annotated Bibliography 1 - Annotated Bibliography 1 The...

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