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Group_Discussion_Board_ Forum_2

Group_Discussion_Board_ Forum_2 - BUSI 600 Group Discussion...

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BUSI 600 Group Discussion Board Forum 2 – Part 1 The following items are taken from the textbook section titled Discussions Questions>“Making Research Decisions”, "Bringing Research to Life" and "From Concepts to Practice" located at the end of each chapter. Provide a comprehensive and substantive answer for each item and post them in a word document in your Group discussion board forum. These documents will be the basis for the collaborative work in the DB forum 2 –Part 2. 1. Ch. 6 - 7 - You are the administrative assistant for a division chief in a large holding company that owns several hotels and theme parks. You and the division chief have just come from the CEO’s office, where you were informed that the guest complaints related to housekeeping and employee attitude are increasing. Your on-site managers have mentioned some tension among workers, but have not considered it unusual. The CEO and your division chief instruct you to investigate. Suggest at least three different types of research that might be appropriate to the situation. First an exploratory research study needs to be performed. This will offer a few fundamental procedures and info to permit the growth of a more well-defined formal study. Following the exploratory research study then one of two different types of study can be performed depending on the result of the exploratory research and the questions we wish to answer with our research. A descriptive research study can be conducted to control how much and what kind of complaints are being collected. Next complete a causal research study to decide why we are getting complaints.
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BUSI 600 2. Ch. 6 - 10 - Use the eight design descriptors in Exhibit 6-3 to profile the research described in the Chapter Snapshots.
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Group_Discussion_Board_ Forum_2 - BUSI 600 Group Discussion...

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