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The article that I chose to review came from and was written by Marc L. Songini and Gary H. Anthes entitled “SAS Upgrades Analysis Software for Marketing”, on May 17, 2004. The article talked about the upgrade of the SAS company software for automating the development of marketing campaigns called Marketing Automation 4, which included new role based graphical user interfaces for end users as well as IT, employees. This new upgrade would allow IT workers to manage the information access, security, database administration, as well as allowing IT workers to directly manage the information related to the marketing campaign. One user chose Marketing Automation 4 because of the intensity and extensiveness of its capabilities. The software gave the user’s company marketing employees an end – to – end set of tools for measuring, tracking and analyzing customer data. In the article conclusion it spoke about the analyst assessment
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Unformatted text preview: given by a company in Sterling, VA commented that enabling Marketing Automation 4 to supply information to call center applications would give call center workers access to pop-up menus and scripts created as marketing campaigns were analyzed, allowing companies to fine tune their sales approaches. The going price for upgrade is $500,000 and is available for shipment now. This article is related to the chapter material because it touches on the customer relationship management, which is the process of learning as much as possible about customers, and doing everything, you can to satisfy them. Business to business market which is all the individual and organizations that want good and services to use in producing other goods and services or to sell, rent or supply goods to others. Karen White Page 1 1/30/2012...
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