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ACCT 211 DB3 - credit sales cash receipts journal for...

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BTN 7-4—Communicating in Practice Wendy Geiger, I have looked over the problem you are having. I have come to several inferences. These things should make things easier for you. First, as a manager you need to monitor your business act ivies. You can accomplish this with the control principle, which requires you to have internal controls in place. You should invest in a computerized accounting system because it will provide a more accurate, speedy, effective, and convenient way to keep your book than your manual system. Second, you should start using a special journal. A special journal will help you with the new corporate credit orders that you now have. A special journal has a sales journal for recording
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Unformatted text preview: credit sales, cash receipts journal for recording cash receipts, purchases journal for recording purchases, cash disbursement journal for recording cash payment, and a general journal for transactions not in special journals. Lastly, you should also make use of a subsidiary ledger. A subsidiary ledger contains detailed information on specific accounts. A subsidiary ledger will removes excessive details from your general ledger, provide you with up to date information on customer or other specific account balances, aid you in any error identification for each account, and help you with your recordkeeping task. Sincerely Yours, Karen White...
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