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Name: Cheng Ding Banner Number: A00347733 Salesperson # Sales Retail $ Sales Beth Err:508 Err:508 Dave Err:508 Err:508 Mark Err:508 Err:508 Susan Err:508 Err:508 in A30, paste the function from K4 (without the '=' sign) VLOOKUP(I5,$M$4:$Q$33,5)*J5 in A33, paste the function from D30 (without the '=' sign) Did Beth sell more than Dave and Susan combined? IF(C7>C8+C10,"YES","NO") Err:508 DO NOT MOVE/ADD/RESIZE ROWS OR COLUMNS 1) Add formulas in column K that will show the whole retail value of each sale. Think this through! 2) Style "Sales Figures" as a table, and add a total row 3) In B7-B10, generate counts of each person's sales (not units sold, but individual sales) in the sales figures table (using formulas or some other method - it's the answer that matters, not the method). 4) In C7-C10, generate totals of the $ value of their sales. 5) Style the table in A6-C11 as a table, and add a total row. 6) Provide a useful visual data analysis (
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