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CIV 402: Engineering Ethics Chapters Summary Ch3: Framing the problem 3.1 Introduction: We usually experience moral disagreement and controversy within a context of agreement sometime when we disagree, this happens often because we are still not clear enough about the issue. For example: OSHA was concerned about protecting workers, despite the heavy cost in doing so. But the Supreme Court justice believed that OSHA had not sufficiently taken into account the small number of workers affected 3.2 Determining the fact: Sometimes people come to different moral conclusion because they do not view the facts in the same way. Sometime they disagree about the relevance or relative importance of certain fact. To of understands the importance of the fact we propose the following about three factual issues: 1-Often, moral disagreement turns out to be disagreements over the relevant facts. 2- Factual issues are sometimes very difficult to resolve. 3- Once the factual issues are clearly isolated, disagreement can reemerge on anther and often more clearly defined level Known and unknown facts: There is big different between known and unknown facts for example, we know that 2*4=8, and we know that from the school and nobody can disagree, but unknown facts that we don’t know it as beginning and it maybe take long time to understand this unknown fact then when we understand it will be like known facts after. Weighing the importance of fact: Its even when two or more people agree about one facet. For example, two engineers in car industry agree for one car to contain airbags but one of the engineering said this car should contain six airbags and the other one said no it should contain 12 airbags. Therefore, the two engineers agree to have airbags in the car, but the disagreement here is about how many airbags the car should contain. 3.3 Clarifying the concepts:
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Ch3 - CIV 402: Engineering Ethics Chapters Summary Ch3:...

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