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Reason and motivation for joining adidas. A ll D ay I D ream A bout S ports (and Information Technology)! From being the wicket keeper of my colony team to being the forward offence of my school, graduate and post graduate team I understand the essence of and the motivation which has driven adidas to where it is today. Having done my bachelors in Information Technology from an esteemed institution, I have the knowledge of software as well as hardware that is of utmost importance to fit in the job description. My summer internships in Gas Authority of India Limited gave me an insight into the world of ERP. Apart from that I used my programming skills during my second intership with Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, having done specialization in marketing with some subjects of Information Technology again has made me a fine seller. With the synergy of my love towards sports, my IT knowledge and my sales and marketing skills, I believe that I can fulfill the role expected by Adidas from me and even go beyond it. I know this company has a lot to offer me and somewhere down the line I believe that even I have a lot to give back to the company. Adidas is synonym with success and greatness. There is a well deserved pride in the employees of Adidas. I would love to carry that well deserved pride too....
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