ENG 289 Chivalry at Its Best

ENG 289 Chivalry at Its Best - you disrespect her, dismiss...

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A. Unique Wardlaw Sonnet poem 1 9/7/2010 Chivalry at Its Best Crafted like an Live Oak branches flying in every way with your roots attached to my heart, grounded within cold as a winter breeze, flaky as a snow flake which internally rips me apart, I cannot mend. Placed upon this earth all the way from birth to beautify the land, stretched underneath your arm span  to show a woman’s value, how you view her worth
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Unformatted text preview: you disrespect her, dismiss her, as often as you can. But so much in the public eye, often uncertain socially accepted in many cultures, over looked by wealth never to make women cry, only sprinkles of emotion I would still never approach you, don’t hold your breath The obliterating phenomenon that is not understood how the world views music icons, it degrades the hood...
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