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ENG_332 Career Assessment - _MEMORANDUM To Beryl Pittman...

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_________________________________ MEMORANDUM ______________________ ________ To: Beryl Pittman From: Alexis Wardlaw AUW Date: June 5, 2011 Subj: Career Assessment and Evaluation With me being a student at North Carolina State University and studying Business Administration concentrating in finance and taking up a minor in Accounting, I am interested in obtaining a career at one of the top Accounting firms in the nation. I am currently a rising senior which gives me a limited amount of time to make a decision on the type of firm that I would like to work for. However, there are many large Accounting firms located in the United States that are highly credited. Therefore, I should do intensive research on my top four criteria to decide which company I would like to work for upon graduation. The purpose of the memorandum is to provide results on the top three companies that I value for following ethical standards and valuing the work of their employees. METHODOLOGY In this section I will highlight on the research that this assessment required and the criterion that I developed for the purpose of comparing three of the nation’s largest accounting firms. I have done intensive research via Internet using sources such as LexisNexis Academic, Business Source Academic and the companies’ websites. It took an ample amount of time to find information on the three companies that were important to me but as the research was completed, I was well aware on which of the companies I would be honored to dedicate my time to. The criterion that outlined my research on my top three accounting firms was not easy to come by. I spent long and hard hours defining what was important to me and my career upon graduation. I finally came to four deciding factors that I would want in employment and after doing so I ranked these factors from one to four, with four being the least important. Understanding the key points that I valued in a career helped me come to my conclusion of which company would be the best fit for me. OVERVIEW OF COMPANIES In this section I will introduce my top three accounting firms in consideration for employment. Mayer Hoffman McCann As an independent contractor, Mayer Hoffman McCann (MHM) is the 7 th largest accounting provider in the nation. It is an alternative to the big four accounting firms consisting of 35 locations in the United States and more than 280 shareholders . This highly creditable company is known for their precise auditing services but also is involved in many more industries such as: Construction and real estate Government services Manufacturing and wholesale distribution Retail
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_________________________________ MEMORANDUM ______________________ ________ High tech and life sciences Professional services Non profit However, MHM has recently been found responsible for making a mistake in their auditing practices with the City of Bell located in California in 2009. The first review of auditing
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ENG_332 Career Assessment - _MEMORANDUM To Beryl Pittman...

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