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Running head: Qualitative Research Analysis Jamaar Sesan Conze North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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Running head: Using the Multiple Intelligences to Enhance Instruction for Young Children and Young Children with Disabilites Research Summary The purpose of this research study and analysis was to develop a logical reasoning for the application of multiple intelligences theory in early childhood education programs. Multiple Intelligence theory being applied to education of young children with disabilities was also discussed in depth. Howard Gardener’s book Frames of the Mind proposed the theory that the left and right hemispheres house different types of intelligences The research confirms that Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence theory may have been introduced only a few decades ago but its ideas have been around for at least 160 years. Froebel who many credit as one of the founders of the kindergarten concept used an emphasis on language, senses, and nature. Multiple Intelligence theory was also being reinforced by the concept of education focusing on a child’s “whole brain”. The data found in the research process shows that most of the basic curricula and instruction focus on the left hemisphere which houses language and logical mathematical capacities. An approach to teaching that incorporates multiple intelligence will allow both hemispheres to be utilized. The researcher goes on to suggest how multiple intelligence theory can be implemented to enhance the education of young children. The proposed method for incorporating MI theory was a four pronged approach that was designed to address all eight of the multiple intelligences. According to the study this could be done through
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Qualitative Research Analysis (Autosaved) - Running head...

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