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Jamaar Conze October 09, 2011 SPCH 314 AhHa Paper If there is anything analogous to culture and identity it would have to be the big bang. Culture is the primordial soup which our identity is derived from. My identity and worldview have been deeply shaped by the culture of my family and the culture of the environment of where I come from. Coming of age in a place like New York City in particular Manhattan, you see a cross section of wealth and poverty. I would go to some friends’ houses and the buildings would have doormen and dry cleaning services and things like that. Just beneath the penthouses of these very privileged people there would be people in central park begging for money. It had began to become clear to meet that I lived in an inequitable society or better yet maybe the whole world was that way. Who I am is still an evolving concept and I think I can piece together what lead to who I am now in hindsight. History did have somewhat of a significant impact on my worldview and identity. Being an African American in the environment I grew up you receive a defacto education on identity. There are a lot of prejudices and negative perceptions that I became acutely aware of, and I’m sure to some extent they have shaped my identity and world views even if only subconsciously. When I was in seventh grade I was coming home from school and two uniformed officers and a detective approached me. The officers physically grabbed me and searched my belongings while the detective explained that a teacher was stabbed by a student in a different part of the city. I explained that I was in middle school but was still subjected to profiling and unfair treatment. Till this day I have an inherent suspicion for how law enforcement as an institution.
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Jamaar Conze October 09, 2011 SPCH 314 My family is definitely responsible for my identity. I think about the definition of culture the text had: Culture is a set of human- made objective and subjective elements that in the past
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AhHa Paper - Jamaar Conze October 09, 2011 SPCH 314 AhHa...

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