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Job Description

Job Description - computer knowledge and be able to work in...

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Job Description We are looking for a highly motivated leader to join our promotions team. Candidates must have a positive attitude and enjoy interacting with the public, be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, be detailed oriented, self-motivated, creative, competitive, have a flexible schedule, be able to work days and nights (includes nights, weekends, days, holidays), be able to work as a team and as a stand-alone employee and be a problem solver. Must have
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Unformatted text preview: computer knowledge and be able to work in an office environment and work well with the public. Duties include but are not limited to the following areas, station promotions, on-site station events, appearances, van stops, concerts & events and more. Events range from client events to expos to concerts to private in studio performances as well as general clerical tasks. Must be able to carry 50 lbs and stand for long periods at a time....
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