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Unformatted text preview: PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROGRAM RL ST 497 BUDDHISM AND WARFARE T he B uddhist Engagement in V iolence C onflict Resolutions P olitics t he L aw The first classes will cover theoretical issues of the involvement of religion in peace and conflict, as well we the interplay of religion with politics, legislations, and human rights. The course will then focus on Buddhism and be divided into three main parts. The first part will look at Buddhist scriptures and doctrinal tenets in support and opposition to the involvement of Buddhists in war and politics. The second part will consider a few case studies of Buddhist communities that engaged in conflicts and peacemaking. The third part will analyze the theme of Buddhism and human rights, with special reference to international law. INSTRUCTOR: DR. STEFANIA TRAVAGNIN CLASSROOM: 207 THOMAS TIME: T R 4.15-5.30PM FOR MORE INFO: [email protected] ...
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