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Unformatted text preview: DSC 330 (Spring 2011) HW1 Due April 6th in class 1. Suppose a random variable, bility ( 1 ≥ 1) and ( 1 1 is from the population (1, 9). Calculate the proba- ≥ 4). 2. Textbook 1.38(a) (This question asks you to calculate the probability ( ¯ ≥ 6) ) 3. Textbook 1.50 4. Textbook 1.52 5. Do this problem using SPSS. The dataset ToyotaCorolla that you need to analyze has been uploaded onto blackboard/Course Documents/Data. (a) Calculate the sample mean and sample variance of the price (the second column) in the data set ToyotaCorolla. (b) Calculate the 90% confidence interval of the price by hand based on the output in question (a). (c) Construct a histogram of the price. 1 ...
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