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marketing chapter3 - Chapter 3 Marketing in the Digital...

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Chapter 3 Marketing in the Digital Age: Making New Customer Connections Multiple Choice 1. Under Schwab’s two-tiered system, customers had to be either online or offline. What was not a result of this system? a. Customers continued to place orders over the phone. b. Phone customers had to pay twice the commissions. c. Customers became confused. d. The two-tiered system was a failure. (d; Moderate; p. 69) 2. What happened during the first year of Schwab’s stock prices when the firm went online? a. The sales and profits dropped. b. Schwab’s stock prices dropped. c. New customers were attracted and ignited trading volume. d. All of the above. (d; Easy; p. 69) 3. How was Schwab’s switching transactions to the Web not affected after the first year? a. Profits were so low they went out of business. b. Switching transactions to the Web created big productivity gains. c. Switching transactions to the Web reduced costs. d. Schwab was handling five times as many trades on the Web as at its phone centers. (a; Easy; p. 70) 4. What did Schwab find out was not a drawback to its business on the Web? a. Some people need human contact. b. Customers can handle their finances independently. c. It may be difficult to gain people’s trust on the Web. d. Some people need advice on the right allocation for their portfolio. (b; Easy; p. 70) 46
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What are some ways that Schwab’s click-and-mortar model let customers design the specific blend of high-tech independence and high-touch service they need? a. At’s free online Learning Center, customers can hear live audio feeds of lectures. b. At’s free online Learning Center, customers can take interactive courses on everything from “Investing Fundamentals” to “How to Place a Stock Order.” c. A “Portfolio Checkup” helps customers do online asset-allocation planning based on their tolerance for risk. d. all of the above (d; Moderate; p.70) 6. What is one thing that Schwab’s customers cannot do on the Web kiosks at its branches? a. go online to check their accounts b. check their e-mail c. get help from a service rep on the spot d. get “Portfolio Consultation” services (b; Moderate; p. 70) 7. How has Schwab’s click-and-mortar model not been affected by putting customers first? a. The business has met with stunning success. b. Schwab now runs the world’s largest e-commerce site. c. During recent declines in stock market trading, the company lost profit. d. Stockholders have shared richly in this success. (c; Challenging; p. 70) 8. What is the name for the recent technology advances including the widespread use of the Internet? a. an Old Economy b. a New Economy c. a New World d. advancing technology (b; Easy; p. 72) 9. What was not a strategy and practice of the Old Economy? a.
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marketing chapter3 - Chapter 3 Marketing in the Digital...

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