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ME 461 Course Syllabus COURSE TITLE: Mechanical Vibrations TERM & YEAR: Fall 2011 COURSE NUMBER: ME 461 TIME & PLACE: MWF 9:10–10:00 PREREQUISITES: ME 451 & Tier 1 writing requirement 115 Center for Intl Program COURSE DESCRIPTION: Modeling and analysis of oscillatory phenomena found in linear discrete and continuous mechanical systems. REQUIRED TEXT: S. Rao, Mechanical Vibrations, 5 th edition, Prentice Hall, 2004. INSTRUCTOR: George Zhu OFFICE LOCATION: E148 ERC South EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE PHONE: 884-1552 OFFICE HOURS: M 10:30-11:20 at EB1535 WEB PAGE: Angel ( Walk-in E148 ERC South HW HELP SESSION: TBD GRADING/EVALUATION: Course grades will be weighted and assigned as follows: 4.0 90-100% Homework/Quizzes 10% 3.5 85-90% Exam 1 20% 3.0 80-85% Exam 2 20% 2.5 75-80% Final exam 25% 2.0 70-75% Laboratory 25% 1.5 65-70% 1.0 60-65% 0 0-60% COURSE POLOCIES: 1. Attendance is expected at all classes. 2. Make-up examinations or quizzes will be given only for documented medical reasons, emergency circumstances, or University sponsored activities. Advance notice must be given well in advance for absence due to University sponsored activities. 3. Homework is assigned periodically in class and is due at the beginning of class on the day (Friday) specified. Homework assignments will also appear on the web (Angel). 4.
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ME461syllabus_F11_zhu - ME 461 Course Syllabus COURSE TITLE...

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