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ME 444 Assignment 2 Due: Sept 15, 2011 1. On July 28, 1989 , with Walter Payton onboard, movie tough-guy Chuck Norris took the helm Thursday as the dynamic duo set out on a mission: to set a world speedboat record. Too bad the boat didn`t have the same endurance that allowed Payton to set the NFL all-time record for running the football. In orange helmets and life jackets, the pair sped off at 7:03 a.m. for an ``assault on the Great Lakes,`` a 605-mile journey to Detroit To set the record, they had to arrive in less than 12 hours 34 minutes 41 seconds, the record set in 1983 by Michael Reagan, son of the former president. He covered the distance in a 38-foot Scarab powered by triple-gasoline engines. Payton and Norris had technical difficulties along the way, said Gary Litchman, spokesman for United Way. They docked at about 10:45 p.m. at Hart Plaza on the Detroit River in
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Unformatted text preview: downtown Detroit. a. Estimate how much fuel (gallons) Michael Reagan used on his trip. Assume that each of the three engines could produce 500 horsepower and were operated at 75% throttle for 12.6 hours. b. If the engines were replaced with diesel engines, Caterpiller 3208s used by Norris and Payton, how much fuel would they be expected to use on this trip? 2. a. If C 8 H 18 is combusted with the theoretical, stoichiometric or chemically correct (all are the same, different names) amount of air, calculate the air-fuel ratio on a mass basis. b. If 125% amount of air is used for a reaction with the same fuel, calculate the “equivalence ratio” for this reaction. c. Calculate the air-fuel ratio for the stoichiometric combustion of ethanol, C 2 H 5 OH....
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