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ME444 Fall 2011 Assignment 4 Due: 10/11/2011 Problem 1(50%) The stribeck diagram describes various lubrication regimes in which a bearing, a piston ring or other system operate. a) Draw a stribeck diagram and explain with a small sketch the physical features in which represent the different regimes b) Consider a piston ring. Describe what regimes the piston ring operates i. When the engine first starts ii. During the four stroke cycle when the engine is operating at 2000 RPM, half load (it is not the same for each stroke or all positions of the piston) c) A given engine has a bore of 90 mm, a stroke of 95 mm and a connecting rod of 150 mm. Plot the velocity vs crank angle for the piston ring with the engine operating at 2000 RPM. The plot should be 0-720° on the
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Unformatted text preview: abscissa and in m/s on the ordinate. Problem 2 (20%) Algorithm development process problem Describe the above process. Specifically, show a diagram (like the one shown in the lecture) and then write a description of each process. Problem 3 (10%) What is understood by first order and second order balancing of engine? How are imbalance reduced in a production engine? Problem 4 (10%) What is an oxygen sensor? How does it work and how is it used in an engine? Describe the different type of oxygen sensors and the advantages of one over others. Problem 5 (10%) What is an MAP sensor? Give an example of how is it used in a control algorithm....
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