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ME 444 F2011 Assignment 7 Due: November 1, 2011 1. Computational methods have become a critical part of engine the engine design process. Discuss an example of a thermodynamic / one dimensional analysis either WAVE or GT-SUITE. Explain what they can be used for and give an example of what they cannot be used to compute. Show a “stick model” of a 4 cylinder engine and explain each component. 2. With respect to design of an automotive engine, give three generic reasons that it is important to understand the physics associated with the design of components and the engine system. 3. Describe how Ford’s Eco -Boost engine provides advantages in fuel economy for a given application. 4. What do we mean by NVH in automotive applications. Describe how NVH considerations might
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Unformatted text preview: be different for a sports car as compared to a luxury 6 passenger vehicle. 5. What is CAD and CAE and how are these methods used in engine design. Why would these methods be particularly important when downsizing an engine for a particular application. 6. Describe the highest stressed areas of a crankshaft and the highest stressed areas in a camshaft system. 7. Explain the following terms: a. Torsional vibration b. What is typically understood by primary excitation frequency c. When you are studying stress concentrations in a crankshaft, what is a good indicator of when the analysis that you have just conducted is sufficient to produce a reliable result, assuming initial and boundary conditions are properly input into the model....
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