WHAP chapter 22 vocab

WHAP chapter 22 vocab - Terms Definitions Asian sea-trading...

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Terms Definitions Asian sea-trading network prior to intervention of Europeans, consisted of three zones: Arab zone base on glass, carpets, and tapestries: India based on cotton textiles; China based on paper, porcelain, and silks Adam Schall Along with Matteo Ricci, Jesuit scholar in court of Ming emperors; skilled scientist; won few converts to Christianity Chongzhen Last of the Ming Emperors; committed suicide in 1644 in the face of a Jurchen capture of the Forbidden City at Beijing. caravels slender, long-hulled vessels utilized by Portuguese; highly maneuverable and able to sail against the wind; key to development of Portuguese trade empire in Asia Deshima Island in Nagasaki Bay; only port open to non-Japanese after closure of the islands in the 1640s; only Chinese and Dutch ships were permitted to enter Dutch trading empire the Dutch system extending into Asia with fortified towns and factories, warships on patrol, and monopoly control if a limited number of products Batavia Dutch fortress located after 1620 on the island of Java Edo Tokugawa capital city; modern-day Tokyo; center of the Tokugawa Shogunate friars people who belonged to religious orders but lived and worked among the general public forbidden city The walled section of Beijing where emperors lived between 1121 and 1924. A portion is now
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WHAP chapter 22 vocab - Terms Definitions Asian sea-trading...

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